How to Crop Around an Irregular Shape – PowerPoint Video Tip #16

How do you crop around an image, removing the background? Especially when the shape you want to keep is not a regular circle, square or triangle? Simple! You draw around the shape using PowerPoint’s drawing tools, then fill the shape as a picture.

Here’s a demonstration.

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4 thoughts on “How to Crop Around an Irregular Shape – PowerPoint Video Tip #16

  1. Hello,

    This is not really working for me. I’m getting the entire cropped picture fitted into the newly formed shape.

    Do you know what I can do about that?

    thanks in advance


    1. This is about a year late, but in case anybody else has your problem: After you crop it as a rectangle, right click>>size and position, then unclick the boxes that say “lock aspect ratio” and “relative to original picture size”. And then save picture as.

  2. Hi, this was very helpful! I used word instead of powerpoint to make the picture, but slight problem- I can’t save it as an image anymore, and copy-pasting does not work. If anyone knows how to save it as a picture so I can export it, please tell me.

    1. Click on the shaped picture and copy it (Ctrl-C) then use paste special and choose ‘as picture’, then you can save it

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