What American Idol Can Teach About Presenting to Execs

Want to wow your boss with your next presentation? In Oct 2012 I developed the SlideShare deck 5 Tips for Presenting to Executives where I compared executives to Simon Cowell – difficult judges who were always on the hunt for talented presenters.

I was therefore flattered when Dirk Hannemann, a communications trainer in Berlin, Germany, took that metaphor and developed this inspirational video. I love the use of contrast, showing the skeptical judges at the start and then their shocked and amazed faces at the end.

That’s your goal. Not merely to inform – but to wow. Now, go nail your next exec presentation!

About the author: Bruce Gabrielle is author of Speaking PowerPoint: the New Language of Business, showing a 12-step method for creating clearer and more persuasive PowerPoint slides for boardroom presentations. Subscribe to this blog or join my LinkedIn group to get new posts sent to your inbox.