Data Viz – How Close Are We to a Budget Deal?

Congress is almost out of runway on a deal to lift the U.S. debt ceiling, with negotiations continuing and a number of issues on the table. To help visualize the issues that need to be negotiated, I created this data viz.

Here’s a gambit that might work: Obama could announce plans to hold talks in 2014 to negotiate a long-term deficit-reduction plan. With the deficit out of control, this conversation is long overdue anyway. That takes this request off the table for Republicans and allows them to declare a moral victory. It also allows Obama to declare a moral victory by not tying any deal to negotiating a long-term budget in the next six weeks.

Otherwise, it will be painful to find a middle ground.

Right now, Susan Collins (R, Maine) has the plan with the most support from both Democrats and Republicans, although president Obama did not endorse it and so Democratic Senate leaders are resisting it too. But it moves the two sides closer together.

How will it all end? My hope is a deal will be reached and this blog post is outdated by Monday, October 14. But the world watches and waits…

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