July 14, 2011

How can Netflix become the Story’s Hero Instead of the Villain?

Netflix is taking a public flogging for raising fees 60% – to $16/month from $10/month. 50,000 customers have posted angry comments to Netflix’s Facebook page and the assault […]
July 12, 2011

PowerPoint Templates for Business Presentations – part 2 of 2

In part 1 of this blog post, we discussed templates for Ballroom-style presentations, which are performed with large audiences in dimly-lit ballrooms. But what about when […]
July 11, 2011

Surprise! The Secret Ingredient to Viral Stories

Storytelling is powerful. But there’s one ingredient that turns a good story into one so memorable you’ll want to tell others. That secret ingredient is…surprise! Watch this video […]
July 7, 2011

Is Bad PowerPoint a $100 Billion Problem?

A silly PR gimmick called the Anti-PowerPoint Party has sparked talk about the true cost of bad PowerPoint. Despite its queer mandate – to replace PowerPoint with […]
June 28, 2011

9 Words that Turned a “No” into a “Yes”

This great video reminds us that it’s not what you say that makes the biggest difference – it’s how you say it. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hzgzim5m7oU] Why do these 9 words work? They tug […]
June 27, 2011

Tell to Win (Peter Guber) Book Review

Tell to Win illustrates the powerful way stories can catapult your message over the walls of indifference and resistance. But if you are looking for a […]
June 20, 2011

Tell Movie Analogies and Make Your Point Stick

When you’re looking for analogies that will sway an audience, one good source is movies. In Peter Guber’s excellent book Tell to Win, he gives the […]
June 13, 2011

The World’s Saddest Story in 6 Words

And the story behind the story is that this short piece was written by Ernest Hemmingway. He was lunching with colleagues and bet them $10 each he could write […]
June 9, 2011

My Presentation is Boring! Now What?

Nick Morgan answers an important question on the Forbes.com blog: how do I keep it interesting when I have to present a bunch of dry technical […]
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