September 29, 2013

Top 5 Examples of Storytelling with Graphs

As part of writing my new book “Storytelling with Graphs” I’ve studied 50 examples of graphs that tell stories. Some of them are publicly visible, such […]
September 17, 2013

Get More Insights by Visualizing Tabular Data using the Cobblestone Table

I’m always interested in new ways to visualize data, so I was thrilled to discover a method for visualizing tables, which I call a “cobblestone table”. […]
September 3, 2013

Great Stories Have Contrast, Not Conflict

Many very smart people will tell you that a good story has a structure: situation, conflict, resolution. And that’s ONE way to structure a story and […]
August 21, 2013

Make Slides that Pop Using Color Contrast – PowerPoint Video Tip #18

The secret to making slides that pop is color contrast. Watch this video showing how to select and modify colors to improve a slide’s appearance. [youtube=] […]
August 19, 2013

How to Handle Clod Questions that Take Your Presentation Sideways

There he is, smugly watching your presentation and eager to interrupt. His hand often shoots up, or he simply interjects, with questions that take your presentation […]
August 5, 2013

Win the Audience Over by Using Reluctant Agreement

In a business presentation, you are often trying to persuade the audience to agree with your analysis, support your program or approve your budget request. Most […]
June 24, 2013

Learn About SketchHatch – A New Online Presentation Planning Tool

Software Programmer and Entrepreneur Michael Heinrichs has a great idea – an online tool to help you map out your presentation. It’s called SketchHatch and it […]
June 10, 2013

Slide Makeover in 6 Steps: NSA Slide

The National Security Agency is in the news for this horrendous PowerPoint slide explaining the PRISM data-collection program. I wanted to do a slide makeover to […]
April 8, 2013

3 Steps to Turn a Graph into a Story

What does it mean to tell stories with graphs? That’s a complicated question and one I plan to answer fully in my new book, called “Storytelling […]
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