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Speaking PowerPoint: PowerPoint Skills for the Boardroom



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Speaking PowerPoint is a business communications class when your tool is PowerPoint. End the struggle with unclear, unprofessional slides that take forever to build. Start mastering your presentations with clear and persuasive slides that will help you lead any business presentation with confidence and skill, and leave the meeting with more success than ever before.

See for yourself. Which slides would you rather present? What difference would it make in your meeting?

Speaking PowerPoint is conducted by Bruce Gabrielle, author of Speaking PowerPoint: the New Language of Business. Schedule this workshop to help your team learn a new method for using PowerPoint in the boardroom.

Speaking PowerPoint is taught at Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft, Oracle, Charles Schwab, Visa, Nestle, Best Buy, T-Mobile, Cox Communications and Avanade as well as midsize companies, market research firms and training firms. Speaking PowerPoint is for anyone who needs to communicate complex business information (text, graphs, tables, diagrams) to executives, peers and external clients, customers and partners.

  • Project managers
  • Marketing managers
  • Product managers
  • Market researchers
  • Strategy consultants
  • Financial analysts
  • Sales professionals
  • Account managers
  • Technical sales specialists
  • Trainers
  • Group managers
  • Business executives


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You use PowerPoint at work for project plans, status updates, strategic proposals, research reports and other boardroom-style presentations. But could your slides be clearer, more convincing and more professional looking? And if they were, wouldn’t that make you a more effective communicator and increase your influence at work?

In this workshop, Bruce Gabrielle, author of Speaking PowerPoint: the New Language of Business, teaches you a 12-step research-based framework to communicate more clearly and credibly with PowerPoint. After this workshop, you will not be able to look at a PowerPoint slide the same way. You’ll see what’s wrong, why it’s wrong and what you need to do to fix it. And if you manage a team, you’ll be able to coach them to improve their own presentations.

After this workshop, you will be able to

  1. Story: Develop a presentation with a clear message and storyline that is ready to go viral, and sequence your slides to make your presentation more engaging and persuasive
  2. Slide: Communicate a message clearly using the slide title, the right mix of text and pictures, and eliminate ‘too much information’ forever
  3. Design: Use graphic design rules to make more professional-looking, convincing and clear slides
  4. Graphs: Build graphs and tables that clearly communicate the underlying story
  5. Planning: Build slides in half the time



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  • Message: Craft a presentation with a clear main message
  • Storyline: Develop your overall storyline or main talking points that holds your presentation together and makes it viral
  • Sequence: Plan the most effective slide sequence to engage and convince your audience
  • Planning: Learn about planning tools to get your decks built faster and higher quality

  • Title: The important role of the slide title and 5 slide titles you can use
  • Chunking: The surprisingly simple way to fix a slide with too much information
  • Text: How to use text properly on a slide so you can present it and use it as a leave-behind for later reading
  • Pictures: What’s the right mix of text and pictures, and how to choose pictures to enhance the message

  • Color: Use color strategically to reinforce your message and engage audiences
  • Aesthetics: Simple graphic design rules to make you more credible in front of customers, colleagues and executives
  • Layout: Organize slide elements to focus on what’s important and enhance your credibility
  • Graphs and tables: Use design principles to bring the stories in your data to life



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Sample Lesson

Speaking PowerPoint is a business communications course when your tool is PowerPoint. But I also like to spice up my workshop with little time-saving tips for business users. Here’s one on how to make more professional-looking slides.


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This workshop transformed the way I communicate in business.
Ryan K. Smith, Sr. Manager
Charles Schwab

The ideas offered in the session make you think “Why AREN’T we doing presentations this way?”
Steven Borg

I came hoping to get a clear process for developing a PowerPoint presentation, and list of Do’s and Don’t’s. I got that plus a whole lot more!
Ted Frick, VP, App Development

I didn’t realize how much I could improve my slides until I took this workshop. The class makes you see PowerPoint in a whole new useful light.
Elizabeth Pitts, Sr. Product Manager
Life Technologies

I love all the insights. I will never look at PowerPoint the same way. A great eye opener!
Sandra Pena, Training Business Manager

As a Quant, PowerPoint presentations have always been a weakness. The training showed me how to create more compelling and persuasive presentation. I recommend the class to all of my fellow analysts.
Thomas Brauch, Sr Director
Oracle Corp

The ideas covered in this workshop can easily save someone days or even weeks the next time you build a presentation.
Sarah D, Consultant
Prime 8 Consulting

I loved this training. I thought it was extremely valuable and relevant and think MANY of my colleagues will benefit from this course. This course has changed the way I think and approach PowerPoint.
Kelvin Gee
Oracle Corp

Bruce is a PowerPoint wizard. I can’t wait to use what we learned and make the best presentations possible.
Nicole Jangotc

The most relevant course I’ve ever taken and delivered with great expertise and in an interactive and enjoyable fashion.
Brian Hart, Director
Oracle Corp.

Probably the best class I’ve taken in 15 years at Schwab.
Graham Luce, Director
Charles Schwab

Helped me find much better ways to not just build my presentations, but also organize my thoughts and information.
David Turcotte
Director, Oracle Corp.

We probably will never realize how much improvement our presentations need until we attend this training. Extremely valuable workshop.
Raghu R. Tellapragada, Managing Director
Charles Schwab

Communication is at least 80% of managing a project. This class accelerates communication via PowerPoint beyond any other tool I’ve tried.
Dana Kerr, Manager Strategic Initiatives

This session is one of the best one-day trainings I’ve attended, primarily because the information was so actionable.
Paul White
Charles Schwab

I really enjoyed Bruce’s workshop, and even as a communications professional, I learned a great deal about effective communication in PowerPoint. I am confident that I will develop and present better, more persuasive presentations because of this class.
Jennie Locati, Director of Executive Communications

If you’re looking to separate yourself from the herds of bland presenters out there, this course is a must.
Abe Kim | Business Program Manager

Anyone who creates and/or presents PowerPoint presentations-at any level- will get great value from this course. There were ‘ah ha!’ moments happening throughout the day.
Jennifer Momsen, Program Manager

This training is a game changer. It provided several key techniques that will enhance the message of the presentation.
Jennifer Evans, Sr. Training Manager

I walked away with practical communication tips that will help me provide a clear, concise message. Worth it – amazing.
Ethriel Carver, L&D Manager

Wow! This workshop exceeded expectations. Not only will I vastly improve my deck design and efficiency, but I enjoyed every part of the learning experience. Bruce is an expert trainer in addition to a PPT guru.
Laura Curvin, Sr. L&D Manager

Unlike other PowerPoint classes that left me feeling unimpressed, Bruce’s combination of a scientific, data-based approach and tactical tips & tricks was much more engaging and useful. A great class!
Brion Newell, Senior Business Program Manager

Great tips that are so easy to understand and apply. Build professional PowerPoints after just one class!
Anjly Khurana, Sr. IT Project Manager
First American Title

It is amazing that incorporating a few of the tricks that Bruce will show you during class into your slide deck will make a tremendous difference in your presentation.
Linda Potts, Sr. Marketing Rep
Bayer MaterialScience

Practical training that I can start using immediately!
Pallavi Mahajan, Business Program Manager

This workshop was relevant in a way none of the previous have been. So many presentation workshops focus mainly on presentation skills and very little on PPT and data presentation despite the fact that most decks we create are for people to read.
Maria de Souza, Sr. Project Manager
First American Title

Best Microsoft software class that I have EVER taken. So many valuable lessons to make my presentation more effective.
Vanessa Lee, Project Manager
First American Title

I have used PowerPoint for 18 years and never heard much of the information received in this class.
Jeff Garland, Project Server Specialist
First American Title

One of the most helpful classes I have had. Extremely useful.
Karen Agg, IT Project Manager
First American Title

Most PowerPoint training I have seen focus on product features. This may be the first I have seen about how to use PowerPoint to communicate EFFECTIVELY.
Steve H

This is the most productive and practical presentation class I ever attended!
Val Fontaine

I just wish I had learned all these great tips before my internship. After Bruce Gabrielle’s workshop the use of PowerPoint to share information became much easier for me.
Melissa V, MBA student
University of Washington, Foster MBA

I learned more about how to structure more successful executive presentations than in any other session I’ve attended.
Maureen Hughes

Great material and easy to understand. The training has definitely added to and improved my PowerPoint skillset.
Pinak P
The Home Depot

I now feel like a more well-rounded consultant after going through this training
John T, consultant
Paradoxes Inc

The training helped me understand how to have a greater impact on my audience. Until this training, I never realized exactly how I was moving my audience in a different direction than I intended.
Dennis Fantin, Director
Life Technologies

This is one of the best workshops I’ve attended. The speaker was very well prepared and the examples were relevant to my industry. I found the workshop very valuable with a great mix of learning and doing.
Jessica S
Oracle Corp

Very informative and now I can’t look at PowerPoint the same. Just this morning I re-worked a presentation that was given to me and implemented some of the key learnings that I received during this workshop. Thank you!
Keshila VS
Oracle Corp

This workshop offers valuable insights into how audiences interact with and consume information in a slide deck context. The research-based insights are very helpful in thinking about how to make presentations more engaging and persuasive.
John P
Oracle Corp

My slides went from an overly detailed message that needed to be clarified to a clear simple message that was easily understood.
Michelle Groethen
Charles Schwab

Be prepared to challenge the norm and swim upstream because your PowerPoint slides will be transformed.
Jennifer Falkenberg, Director of L&D

The material provided simple and straightforward tips that will be easy to implement and provide significant impact.
Portia Lewis, Sr. Manager
Cox Communications

This class moved very quickly because the instructor was knowledgeable, had strong presentation skills and designed the lecture and active portions of the class to alternate which keeps students’ attention and made learning almost fun!
Martha Churchill, Sr. Manager
Cox Communications

I learned to look at the presentation of my information from a different angle which allows me to connect with the audience on a new level.
Sue Peyer, Director
Cox Communications

Extremely practical, valuable training. I wish I had taken this class years ago.
Brian Furches, Sr. PM
Charles Schwab

This training provides a lot of tips and tricks to improve your presentation that you can use right away!
Uma Kale, Sr. Manager
Cox Communications

The course provides a wealth of applicable information that I can use to convey complex messages to senior management.
James Sadler, Managing Director
Charles Schwab

I became aware of just how impactful subtle changes can be in us effecting positive communication using PowerPoint.
Natalee Smith
Bayer MaterialScience

This course exceeded my expectations. I will be able to convey information much more effectively now.
Jason Ward
Bayer MaterialScience

This course will not only save you time during the creation of your presentations, it will also help you save time presenting that material. You will spend more time discussing content on the slide and less time explaining the content of the slide.’
Rob Allen
Nestle Waters

The training simplifies building slides and helps us focus on the key aspects of the message.
Andy Walpole
Nestle Waters

Finally! Someone to help me with what I already knew — my slides were not coherent! Bruce helped me be clearer and more effective.
Steven Hung
Charles Schwab

I never knew how much I didn’t know about PowerPoint until I took this course. Bruce is wonderful!
Brittany Timko
Charles Schwab

Amazing to think how long I’ve been creating ineffective presentations. This course has totally changed my approach.
Bret Feldman, Sr. Manager
Charles Schwab

I learned more today than in any other PowerPoint class I’ve ever taken! Amazing and very useful!
Jerri Gibbs, Sr. Manager
Charles Schwab

My PowerPoint decks will now be more interesting, relevant and easier to present.
Sean Robers, Sr. Manager
Charles Schwab

Bruce’s workshop finally taught me the think-process behind building an effective presentation.
Travis Smith

Even for experienced PowerPoint users, this training offers lots of valuable insights.
Brian Long, Head of Industrial Marketing

This helped me understand how to make sure my slides were enhancing my message and to think about my audiences.
Sarah Tussey, Project Manager

This course helped me clarify the message I intend to deliver to my audience using PowerPoint.
Michael Beck, Manager
Cox Communications

The nuances of your presentation can have a great impact and this course allowed me to really see those and plan for them.
Mathew Johnson, Project Manager

The most significant of my professional blunders would have been avoided had I known Bruce earlier.
Piper Pettersen, Manager Business Strategy
Charles Schwab

This training was so helpful and relevant. I’m thrilled I was able to learn thee principles early in my career so I can apply them in future presentations.
Brianna Davis, Partner Acct Mgr

Now I know how to tell a story through PowerPoint
Chris Shaver, HR Analyst

Changed from delivering content to delivering a message.
Todd Williams, Manager
Bayer MaterialScience

Incredibly engaging and interactive. Bruce’s effective communication inspired me to learn from and follow his methods.
Karla Reyes


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