PowerPoint Training Workshops – Seattle or Onsite


Onsite Workshops

Training will cut your team’s slide-building time in half. The ROI? A one-day workshop will pay you back, with interest, within weeks.

Want your group to produce clearer, more persuasive and more professional-looking PowerPoint decks in half the time? Schedule a one-day workshop that will change the way you use PowerPoint.


Speaking PowerPoint is already changing the way companies like Microsoft, Oracle, Charles Schwab, Visa, Comcast, Cox Communications, T-Mobile, Avanade, Bayer, Nestle, Best Buy, The Home Depot and many other companies use PowerPoint. Isn’t it time to offer this training at your company and make your team more clear, persuasive and credible communicators?

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After the workshop, participants will be able to:

  1. Structure a deck with a clear message and supporting argument
  2. Use slide titles, text and pictures clearly and persuasively on each slide to support the deck structure
  3. Use color, alignment and graphic design to create professional-looking slides that enhance their credibility
  4. Cut in half the time they spend creating slides

The Mindworks Presentation Method is based on 40 years of research in brain science, instructional design and information design and will help your group be more persuasive in front of any audience. Contact us to learn more.

Bruce Gabrielle conducts onsite full-day workshops on the Mindworks Presentation Method for businesses, consulting firms, associations and educational institutions.

Schedule a workshop for your business, consulting firm, association or classroom.

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  • “The ideas offered in the session make you think ‘Why AREN’T we doing presentations this way?'”– Steven B, Microsoft
  • “This is the most productive and practical presentation class I ever attended!”– Val F, Microsoft
  • I was able to use some of the concepts learned on the SAME DAY to vastly improve two decks I was preparing. That’s effective training!– Steven H, Microsoft
  • The ideas covered in this workshop can easily save someone days or even weeks the next time you build a presentation.– Sarah D, Prime 8 Consulting
  • I would absolutely recommend this workshop. The presenter was extremely knowledgeable and up-to-date with recent research being done in this area.– Lisa C, Russell Investments
  • Most PowerPoint training I have seen focus on product features. This may be the first I have seen about how to use PowerPoint to communicate EFFECTIVELY.– Steve H, Microsoft
  • The most valuable part was the example of how an ineffective slide was cleaned up step by step according to the principles discussed.– B. Pando, Wrigley
  • I am looking forward to my next presentation. Using my new skills, I know I can be highly effective with my presentations– Cameron L, Microsoft
  • Bruce provides some very clear strategies and lots of solid, tactical tools for taking a bunch of blobs of information you need the people to understand and use PowerPoint to slice, chunk, and organize it into a document that clearly communicates your meaning to the reader.– Ryan C, Microsoft
  • I just wish I had learned all these great tips before my internship. After Bruce Gabrielle’s workshop the use of PowerPoint to share information became much easier for me.– Melissa V, University of Washington, Foster MBA
  • I learned more about how to structure more successful executive presentations than in any other session I’ve attended.– Maureen H, Microsoft
  • Great material and easy to understand. The training has definitely added to and improved my PowerPoint skillset.– Pinak P, The Home Depot
  • Bruce provides practical guidance on improving PowerPoint presentations. I began using many of them immediately.– Scott C, Paradoxes Inc.
  • Bruce synthesizes the vast research on information design into the absolutely most relevant pieces for communicating through PowerPoint.– Mikal F, Microsoft
  • Building presentations with these guidelines can give you more credibility when it matters most! The building from okay to awesome was very useful.– Julie L, Microsoft
  • I now feel like a more well-rounded consultant after going through this training– John T, Paradoxes Inc.
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