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One-On-One Consulting

Get one-on-one advice to turn your PowerPoint skills into a competitive advantage.

Need one-on-one executive coaching to improve your ability to present complex business ideas through PowerPoint? Want help creating an important PowerPoint deck for an upcoming presentation?

Bruce Gabrielle provides one-on-one and small team consulting using the principles found in Speaking PowerPoint: the New Language of Business.

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  • “The ideas offered in the session make you think ‘Why AREN’T we doing presentations this way?'”
    – Steven B, Microsoft
  • “This is the most productive and practical presentation class I ever attended!”
    – Val F, Microsoft
  • I was able to use some of the concepts learned on the SAME DAY to vastly improve two decks I was preparing. That’s effective training!
    – Steven H, Microsoft
  • The ideas covered in this workshop can easily save someone days or even weeks the next time you build a presentation.
    – Sarah D, Prime 8 Consulting
  • I would absolutely recommend this workshop. The presenter was extremely knowledgeable and up-to-date with recent research being done in this area.
    – Lisa C, Russell Investments
  • Most PowerPoint training I have seen focus on product features. This may be the first I have seen about how to use PowerPoint to communicate EFFECTIVELY.
    – Steve H, Microsoft
  • The most valuable part was the example of how an ineffective slide was cleaned up step by step according to the principles discussed.
    – B. Pando, Wrigley
  • I am looking forward to my next presentation. Using my new skills, I know I can be highly effective with my presentations
    – Cameron L, Microsoft
  • Bruce provides some very clear strategies and lots of solid, tactical tools for taking a bunch of blobs of information you need the people to understand and use PowerPoint to slice, chunk, and organize it into a document that clearly communicates your meaning to the reader.
    – Ryan C, Microsoft
  • I just wish I had learned all these great tips before my internship. After Bruce Gabrielle’s workshop the use of PowerPoint to share information became much easier for me.
    – Melissa V, University of Washington, Foster MBA
  • I learned more about how to structure more successful executive presentations than in any other session I’ve attended.
    – Maureen H, Microsoft
  • Great material and easy to understand. The training has definitely added to and improved my PowerPoint skillset.
    – Pinak P, The Home Depot
  • Bruce provides practical guidance on improving PowerPoint presentations. I began using many of them immediately.
    – Scott C, Paradoxes Inc.
  • Bruce synthesizes the vast research on information design into the absolutely most relevant pieces for communicating through PowerPoint.
    – Mikal F, Microsoft
  • Building presentations with these guidelines can give you more credibility when it matters most! The building from okay to awesome was very useful.
    – Julie L, Microsoft
  • I now feel like a more well-rounded consultant after going through this training
    – John T, Paradoxes Inc.