We hate spam too. We only send you email for the things you signed up for (explained below). We never send marketing emails, or send you offers or promotions on behalf of others. And we never give, sell, rent, share or provide your email address to anyone else for any reason. Period.

We maintain different email lists for different purposes.

1. Blog subscribers only receive an email when we post a new blog article. This list is maintained by WordPress and you can unsubscribe privately anytime. (subscribe now)

2. Speaking PowerPoint Academy is a list of those who want to be contacted about online training. We send email to announce when new online training is available. This list is maintained in-house and you can unsubscribe privately any time. (sign up now)

All other emails we receive, including inquiries about live training or general comments about our blog, are not maintained in an email list. You will never receive unsolicited email from us when you send us an inquiry email.

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