Is a Webinar More Like a Presentation or Talk Radio?

A webinar is just like a presentation but without the eye contact. Right?

Well, maybe not.

A presentation is the wrong metaphor for a webinar because there are so many things you can do in a presentation that you can’t do in a webinar. The “presentation” metaphor is limiting.

Instead, think of your webinar like talk radio but with pictures. That was the advice of one workshop participant at Lisa Braithwaite‘s 2009 PresentationCamp (see 20:35-22:00 of this video) and it was an enlightening moment when I heard that comment.

Thinking in terms of talk radio opens new ideas for you; ideas you wouldn’t have thought of if you were locked in the presentation metaphor. Rather than limiting, the “talk radio” metaphor is empowering. What makes talk radio interesting? And what secrets of talk radio can you borrow to enliven your next webinar?

1. Dialogue, not monologue. Instead of a single speaker, try having two presenters who talk back and forth. Or interview a guest during the webinar from a prepared list of questions. This dialogue, like the banter of morning show dj’s, is more interesting to listen to than a long monologue.

2. Invite callers. Invite lots of questions from the audience. Stop frequently and make it as interactive as possible. Consider asking a question at the beginning of the webinar and taking guesses throughout the webinar until someone finally gets the answer right, like a talk radio host.

3. Stand. Stand up when you conduct the webinar. It will help increase airflow in your lungs and increase your energy levels, giving you a stronger radio voice.

4. Look. Have a mirror nearby and look into it occasionally. Smile! Your audience can hear the smile in your voice and smiling will give you energy to power through your webinar with gusto.

5. Personal factoids. Share mundane personal facts about yourself. Where you live, what kind of car you drive, that you like (or hate) cats, your favorite sports team. Plan these factoids in advance. Give your audience many reasons to identify with you.

Give that a try. Then leave me a comment letting me know which tips worked best for you, and what other tips you have for approaching a webinar like talk radio.

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